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  • Sitrex provides farmers, contractors and dealers with a unique and complete range of high quality products for haymaking, turf and lawn care and spreading.

    Sitrex Hay Rakes

    Pro 17 Rake

    Sitrex Pro 17 Rake

    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.

    The unique design of the Pro 17 suspends the raking wheel sections, eliminating the need for outer support wheels, allowing you to adjust the right or left raking wheel sections independently. The large diameter raking wheels with rubber tines produces a high quality uniform and even windrow. The over-lapping of the raking wheel sections eliminates the need for the splitter wheels.
    The Pro 17 is ideal for all types of raking applications from large broad acre areas to small irrigation blocks and from cereal and lucence to grass hay.

    Please follow this link to read the news article of the recent release of this Hay Rake.


    • Electro Hydraulic Control Panel
      • All adjustments can be done from the cabin
      • Open and close the cross-piece frame
      • Adjust the angle of the raking wheels sections separately on the right or left side
      • To lift and lower simultaneously on both sides
    • Raking Tines
      • Rubber with steel tips
      • Allows for perfect lifting of hay on any type of ground
      • Quick change tines with a single bolt
      • Less dust is creating during raking
    • Wheels, Larger 1.5m Diameter Raking Wheels with Windshields
      • Windshields lessens the impact of windy conditions
      • Designed to allow the hay to slide easily with less friction
    • Axles Walking Beam and Large Tyres 
      • Allows for faster operation over uneven ground and road transport
      • Small turning cycle
      • 10.0/75-15.3 for better floatation


    PRO 17
    No. of Wheels 17
    Wheel diameter (m) 1.52
    Teeth per wheel 36
    Teeth Rubber mounted in set of 2
    Transport width (m) 3.73
    Transport length (m) 8.61
    Maximum raking width (m) 8.84
    Maximum finished windrow width (m) 1.83
    Rake wheel hubs Tapered Bearings
    Tyres 10.0/75 - 15.3


    Click this link to download a brochure Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website. Follow this link to the manufacturer's website (Sitrex)

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